The Decision

As humans we have been passionate about the benefits of cannabis for a long time. However, it takes much more than being passionate for a business to be successful. On top of that, it takes even more to be as focused on the business as we are. So, what event caused us to ultimately take the plunge and go all in with True Leaf? It was finding so many people that believed as we did, that there needed to be a better dispensary, a better solution to the product. One that is safe, reliable, and focused on quality. With that, we set out on our journey to discover the solutions to all these challenges, and we wouldn’t stop until we found the answer.

Since beginning on this path that we feel we are drawn to, we have traveled to remote parts of the world, and we have searched in our own backyard for ways to provide consistent, quality marijuana, with industry leading products. There has been blood, sweat, tears, ups and downs and a lot of laughter and late night breakfast burrito business meetings, and ultimately we found what we believe to be the best dispensary solution and we are bringing it home to Michigan.




265 Crandall Parkway
Lawrence, MI 49064, USA

The Process

True Leaf Evangelists

As we strive daily to earn your continued business we find new ways to improve. Our product is meticulously cared over from the minute we begin the grow process, to using cutting edge agriculture technology, to harvesting, to extraction, and ultimately to your hand.

Nothing in life is worth it if it comes easy, right??? Well this is no exception. We love what we do even though it takes hard work. We hope you can sense the work that goes into delivering the highest quality cannabis.

We offer a variety of marijuana from potency, to style of effects, to the many flavors, all the way to the different delivery methods. Our team focuses on providing a solution that is personalized just for you.

The Team

True Leaf Evangelists.

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The Mission

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265 Crandall Parkway Lawrence, MI 49064, USA​

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